Training Delivery


Date: Wed 10 April

Program: Induction – Foundation skills – communication

One of the most exciting parts of my role is knowing that I can make the biggest impact on a new starter to our company. During our induction course, we deliver one hour on the core competency (Work Competency Model) of communication. This group of six will be working for one of our largest contracts as a picker/packer, someone that selects the product to then ship to our clients client.

Although the group was small, they were still showing low engagement with myself and each-other. I had an understanding of the content that I needed to cover, and my approach to the facilitation. However, if I was to be facilitating a session on communication skills and couldn’t get this group to talk to each-other I knew I had a challenge.

I overcame this with a quick change in delivery. It is the smaller advantages to the smaller exercises that I sometimes forget. The exercise: pair up and introduce each other. The four things I asked each of them to find out and communicate was;
1. What is their name
2. Where did they used to work
3. What is their role now
4. What was the most exciting thing they did this year

The third questions, what is their role now, proved to be valuable in this ‘introduction’. Each student had a different perception on their new role, and what they would be doing. This created allot of discussion about the new role they have found themselves in and wanting to have a better understanding of it.

Instead of trying to give the class focus or for myself to give a conclusion to the debate, I simply let them communicate it to each other. Eventually I had to end the conversation, but I used many of the examples from this simple introduction to relate back to the training. Examples such as “Arthur, you said this” or “Ben, when Arthur said this how did you react”.

Reflection: An advanced facilitator needs to innovative and responsive.

Happy training,


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