Training Delivery


Monday 8 April 2013

Program: Risk – TLI

Today I paired with another facilitator to deliver a session on Risk, and its associated impact on Business. This included health and safety as well as financial, strategy and interpersonal.

My co-facilitator, works for the registered training organisation that I have engaged to deliver the TLI package. She is comfortable delivering the content and has a very detailed and large power point presentation used to cover the required areas.

Before this opportunity to deliver, I asked for the lesson plan and any other content that I needed to be aware of. After being presented with this very detailed power point presentation I immediately set to about introducing a student focused delivery, and one where the training can primary be conducted outside of the classroom we had booked.

My chosen style of delivery would have been considered constructive, this is because I considered chucking the content for the half day session and having them complete two things:
1. build on the knowledge they already have
2. understand the knowledge they already have

Upon reflection, the change in delivery came a little too late. This is one of the last sessions for this particular group completing the TLI package. Another reflective point would be to consider the content, risk, and present the group with a problem to complete.

An example of a presented problem could have included a site walkthrough to identify the risks, find out what risks have already been managed, and do something about the risk that are not.

Not only with the provide some real life situation learning (student focused, on-the-job), but it would have attributed to the improvements on the site.

The last reflective point for today would be to use groups and introduce more problem based learning. The class size was only 6, however this could have been broken into 2-3 different groups with each having to come up with solutions to a problem. Having them come back as a larger group to discuss could have provided some great opportunity for learning.

The group was responsive to the training, and had some great information to share with the group. I believe that my focus on the student, and that as adults we can all contribute was received well today. I am following up with the student in a week to see what they got from the training, and more importantly ask the question, ‘if you did nothing with what you learnt during the session, what would happen?’.

Happy training,


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