Training Delivery


Date: Tuesday 19 March

Program: Induction – Health, Safety & Environment

Todays training session was diverse to say the least. Upon reflection, it is because of this diversity that the session was effective. This training program is part of every new employees on-boarding process. This one refection is on the delivery of the Health, Safety and Environment aspect of the program.

The nature of the program is such that the attendees can come form all different parts of the business, including the warehouse, truck driver, business development, and accounting. It is due to this broad range of attendees that the delivery and more specifically the content must be altered each time. However, no matter the diversity of the audience, the goal still remains the same; “to give each attendee an understanding of the basic health, safety and environmental standards for our sites”.

During this particular session the audience consisted of:
– 2 participants from Business Development
– 10 participants from Warehousing
– 1 truck driver
– 1 executive

Upon reflection, I had a good understanding of where the audience worked, that much was clear. However, I also knew that each participant came from a different company and has had many and varied experiences around health and safety. It was with this understanding that I leveraged the experiences of the audiences into the training and received great results through their ability to share and learn from each other, rather than be told what to do.

With an objective of having the audience to find the information form them selves I ended up tasking them to find our hazard reporting system, and to go out into the work environment, find a hazard, do something to improve it, and report on it.

One of the biggest challenges faced in this delivery style I found is that it was very intensive for myself as the facilitator. This is because found that I was the effort involved in making that the conversations directed in the correct area and that they were confident to seek the information they were after. Another challenge I faced was the uncertainty that there was not enough time or information available for them to perform the task for hazard reporting in the work environment.

So, what would I do differently? not much. I have taken aspects of my studies in the Diploma of Vocational Education and incorporated them into the training. Perhaps I would ensure that the site I am conducting the induction has the correct support documentation and process in place, so that I am reassured when delivering the training. Or maybe I should/could use this in my training, that is if the site doesn’t have the correct documentation and processes.

Overall this reflective post reminds me that as an advanced facilitator, you must be agile and responsive.

Happy training,


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