Training Delivery


Date: 28 May 2013

Hi reader,

This reflective post is about the delivery of my training today to a group how are learning how to effectively use SAP (Telstra’s Spare Parts System). SAP is a computer program used to track inventory inside and outside of the warehouse. The groups where divided into two. One for the afternoon and one for the morning. There are differences within the groups as expected, and I must know as an advanced facilitator how to understand my audience and change my facilitation as and when needed.

One example of a challenge faced during my facilitation was one student with low language, literacy and numeracy skills. They also had limited knowledge of computers and computer systems. Upon a discussion with the student I uncovered that they were not comfortable with using a laptop to learn on, and the pace of delivery was a little fast from them.

With this understanding I immediately changed the learning resource from a laptop to a desktop computer and applied more of a behavioural pedagogy with this student. While the rest of the group where about to carry out task assigned, including problem based learning, I felt it would be best to deliver training focused around steps and results.

The content I was facilitating was explained, then demonstrated and carried out with clear instructions along the way. An example would be: step 1 look for stock to be sent, step 2 process stock to be sent, step 3 package stock to be sent. This gave a process that could be repeated over and over and over until an understanding was achieved.

This change in learning pedagogy for the student had a positive impact and resulted in a greater understanding at the end of the training session.

Happy training,


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