Training Needs Analysis


Date: 05/06/2013

To have an effective training needs analysis conducted, you must enter into it with the aim to fully understand the needs of the organisation and its individuals. To put it bluntly, a half done analysis is like a half done marriage proposal – you don’t expect it to work.

From an organisational perspective you want to know the following things:
1. What is the vision for the business –
the overall plan, where are they going and as your conducting the analysis are you aware of this in the way your questions are asked.
2. What are the values –
What do they value, what does a quality team look like to the business, what are the drivers, are these clearly stated?
3. What is the current strategy –
current because strategy can change, it is fluid and adapts to the business needs in the current environment, is the strategy clear, concise, and to the point?

From an individual perspective you want to know the following things:
1. What do they do?
2. What do they know?
3. What don’t they know?

The following is an example of a training needs analysis questionnaire I used with a select group of individuals who are potentially interested in training as a supervisor.
1. Are you new to management or an experienced manager?
2. How long have you been managing others? ___years ___ month
3. What is your age range? 18-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46-55, 56-65, 66-Older.
3. Describe the tasks you currently regularly perform? list at least five.
4. What is your role within your organisation?
5. How many people do you manage?
6. What was your induction process like? What was effective, What didn’t work?
7. What do you think you need to know to do your role? List at least five technical and five soft skills.
8. Do you believe you need to improve as a manger?
9. What areas would you like to have support and/or training?


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