Date: 07/06/2013

Why would we use assessment strategies towards the end of a program? isn’t there value in assessing students along the way?

I am partly reflecting on yesterdays delivery and this mornings with a group of warehouse employees that are learning how to use the SAP SCM program (online tool for supply chain management).

One individual in particular was assessed yesterday with a observation of a task. It became apparent that the level of competency that was demonstrated didn’t equal the expectations of competency this far into the training program.

It was valuable using an assessment tool at this stage of the training program to determine competency as it shaped the direction of the learning to take place going forward. With the knowledge gathered from the assessment conducted I made the decision to change the training delivery for this particulare student.

Therefore my reflective point from today is one that is already known, yet somehow gets forgotten along the way. Assessment should not only be conducted at the end of a learning program to determine competence, it should also be conducted throughout to determine competence along the way and the assessment should form part of the learning program, not just sit beside it.

Happy learning,


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