Innovation in Four Easy Steps


Today I reflect on workplace innovation and how it can be sustained with the use of problem based learning.

Todays organisations are large, and they are large enough to fail. This is mainly due to global competition now brought on by world trade and and globalisation where the threat is no longer from our competing business on the same block, but from highly resourceful and innovative international threats.

A quick look at the top 10 most innovative companies from a recent study conducted by booz & company show Apple leading the way followed by 3M and Google. What do all top 10 have in common? They are Integrating processes and creating a culture where innovation is supported and endorsed at every level. A quick employee engagement survey in your workplace would demonstrate effectively (with the right questions) how our employees would like to be part of the process that will launch our companies into the future.

Lets face it, the workplace has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Access to information is now freely available to anyone that is willing to find it, and our reliance on ‘subject matter expertise’ is no longer a unique strategic advantage. Finding innovative ideas, and executing them successfully are the key characteristics of a forward thinking workplace.

To create this workplace of innovative spirit we must engage with four things; endorse and drive a focus of problem based learning for any workplace training events, create opportunities for innovation to happen, ensure that leadership (and culture) support innovation, and finally equip the organisation with the right tool to execute!

Happy innovation,
Luke Campbell


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